We forget wht we know!

As time grows ..thoughts transform..
it goes from simple to tough.
 At the same time, we shed our great powers
...in the greed of wht we want we give away wht we have.
Thts wht i did.Painting is now encrypted.
And the will to decipher it ..is lost! :(
Yes,tablet is my new brush.
And i blame it on me..to not holdin on to both.

Made in 2009 (maybe).
The forgotten stuff! :(


  1. This is a beautifully created picture, be it by brush or tablet. Loads of talent in this, I like it very much!

    Your friend, Norbs :-)

  2. Norbyyy!!
    umm painting this is!
    sad ..cant paint now.all forgotten.
    Thanks for the comment! :*


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