Coz they make memories, NOT photography!

My Superpapa's birthday (same day! 3 yrs ago)
Happie birthday daddy <3
~ o ~

Who knew hostel life be as free with way too many Conditions apply!
Night Pub ready, hostel style!
Freshers 2010, first ever night thing where I was back within an hr!
yes i was scared n HAPPY! 
~ o ~

Fell in love with Cold coffee this day!
Symbi times ..
~ o ~

The fort of Nude Workers!
Crazy idea by this female to visit this Super-amazing-place
When we entered there was no one, no visitors, no whites,Only dark muscular hairy nude workers peeing around! 
It was scary and isolated.
yet it was a place to be!
~ o ~

Christmas Born fire.
Pune is not much cold in winters yet we ordered food and cake and made it night!
~ o ~

(colg fest)
working the whole night
Vada pav the only snack to keep us alive.
Chaos would never the spirit die.
~ o ~

First interview at Srishti
I spoke nonsense and yet they called me.
Yes Bangalore is beautiful!
~ o ~

The Run away to Bombay Coz its more "cooler"
not because of comic con :P
Good mazaa!
~ o ~