Yes, Shakespeare is a fraud.

What got this question on my mind?
well this book i have been trying to understand.
Its brilliant how people have theories for somethings so UN-explainable!
PS m in love with Pinkers writing <3

Have to watch this movie to be influenced more!

What i got over net:

Christopher Marlowe is indeed the true writer of "Shakespeare's" work and faked his own death in 1593.
  How could a man with no known education be the writer of such great pieces of literature? A man who people are not even sure could read or write. A man who when he died did not even own a book, manuscript or paperwork? And when he died he did not even recieve any recognition of it. A supposed "writer" whose death record labels him a gentleman, not a writer.
  No, it is obvious that the writer of Shakespeare was a well educated Cambridge scholar. Someone who was a world known author who had to fake his own death to stay alive and free. And that man is Christopher Marlowe.