That momo day!

Almost every other day is the momo day for my life in pune.

For this Chinese snack in delhi costs much less than here but taste wise..pune shall live!
Today is a saturday also the day when my parents finally arrive from Mt Abu. Now thats Epic news after so much hardship and unlimted tantarms that my brother had to offer, thank god they decided to cut short their trip. Them gone there was money issues, goin late to college issue maid issues, unpaid bill issue..n what not. In short, people my age are happy when they leave their parents for a happy indiviual life, Yes that was me an year ago, current saying : I LOVE THEM!
Ok back to wht the post is about. MOMOS yum yum. everytime i go to tht stupid Delicious momo selling place tht guy is outta veg. no fair!
Appy n i made plans to dicuss about the JOB given to us but soon we realised the lateness of the time!
We came there at aroung 4?..yeah 4. Rio was in our hands, and we looked super cool bitches! :P
Then otta blue this Hottie comes out of this red alto witha cute kid (should be nephew) for momos.
totally checking us out .. it was soo fun! those eye contact aww!
So in some time he left..but we din.
Clock tick tocked. and it was 6 already. Then suddenly the cute kid is back with hottie guy.. and tht hottie is all dressed up!!!!!
FAAKKK!! so epic! it was soo obvious he wanted to talk.. but would be weird noo?
So we left. No nothing more than eye contact and laughing at the cute kid.. but a good memory to recall!
power of being a girl! :)