Animeet PART 2 - killme.

So remember last time when I happily posted
about branding for Animeet? 
For which I was satisfied! yeah yeah?

All the efforts that I put in last time, went down the drain
when this years branding came LIVE. 
m not saying mine was perfect or really kickass..
but being in 2nd year with almost no sense of grid or
color or font.. it was a workable success.

Apparently, the faculty of SID were so tempted for
their go on branding rather than continuing
 the tradition of letting a student brand it.
(I was so willing to do it :| they didn't even consider me).

However it ended up looking like this : 

really right? 

I don't even feel like attending it cause it
feels cheap like seminar :|A project that could
have been a great success is now THIS.