To-Do List

This picture inspired me to write my own To-Do List :~ 
People are often making To-do list secretly. I am that person..
since this is a secret will write :D

1. START EARNING! : i am or will soon be a part of an industry where age really doesn't matter SKILL is far more valuable and me is so focused in acquiring those skills that now all i want is appreciation in money mode. Recognition will come through experience and experience through ugly clients? ;)

2. GET THE FUCKING OFF FACEBOOK : its no point starring at an ugly blue header screen with dog and cat pictures all over the homepage. But then again carrying an ugly phone doesn't really motivate me to get off it. Offing facebook is being invisible and unsocial. But that time is not far away. i will sign off for good :P

3. STAR INTERACTING WIITH ESTABLISHED DESIGNERS : When i follow or look at posts from people who inspire me, only little courage do i have to write a reply but then erase it...
m guessing its cause i don't have enough knowledge to really start talking to them.. or experience to be talking to them.. m hoping the time would come when i openly would be actively participating in discussions and motivating talks!

4. SHOWING OFF MY WORK! : m always unsure in uploading my work anywhere on the internet. I have witnessed copying and stealing work and i don't want to be a victim. But then i guess its the only way?

5. GET A FEW JOB OFFERS ON STRICTLY MY SKILLS AND PORTFOLIO : Like last year when i was super confident that companies would be dying to take me in, while i spent my summer jobless, eating and playing stupid games.. I learned this is not how things work in actual world. We need to beg around, make some contacts and ask them favours to absorb you as an intern irrespective of their skill or portfolio. No way m i ready to ask for favours but i want my work to speak for me, for which theres a lot of pre planning happenin! I wish i can tick this point this summer.

6. GET MY OWN WEBSITE TO BRAG ABOUT ME! : Some designers or artist irrespective of good work or bad are always bragging about it all the time. No its not being wannabe or bad its just not  the correct way. Its one thing to brag about your work yourself and another being bragged by people who appreciate your work. I would prefer being the second one. I don't want the whole world to know me but only a few people to know my work and believe. So the day when m satisfied with the work and skill i may show it around and share my website link ;)

7. LEARN TO DRIVE : This is a major con in present time to not know how to drive. Even having a personal car i take auto or walk in the blistering sun. Things will change this year.

8. START TALKING ON PHONE : Its been ages since i last spoke to anyone for more than 20mins. I just can't do it. I am super talkative and bubbly but just not on the phone. I think i need a good close friend who lives far far far away. And then this could be done :P

9. GYM : being 20 feels great! This is the only time when your young and pretty and super active with awsum mood all the time. Why not have a perfect figure too? This is only last few ages when the best picture perfect photos! you don't wanna look ugly in your young huh? START GYMING FOR THE FLAT TUMMY. this will happen this year.

10. SEND POST MAILS TO PEOPLE I WANNA REMEMBER : As this is india and post mail can take FOREVER to reach, i want to be all on time for the mail to reach before i start missing the people who i really care about. Be on a watch out.

11. BE A PRO AT GUITAR : I love my guitar and i sure can kickk some asses! But just me being me and not bragging about it, no one knows i can play. And really m cool about it.. but i wanna be better. I hate myself for insulting my violen and leaving it on purpose for now that i miss it. Guitar this won't ever happen to u. We'll live happily ever after.

12. MAKE A LIST OF ALL THE IDEAS PONDERING IN MY HEAD AND CROSSING THEM ONE BY ONE : I have been such a fb addict that the amount of time i waste could actually be utilised by converting my amazing ideas into projects. I HATE FB.

13. MY BOOKS HAVE DUST ON THEM : i wish to finish around 3 books every month but somehow i never can. 3x12 = 36 new books this year FO-SHO.

14. GOAAAAAAA : Never been to goa with the frands to chill. This year it shall happen. Yes it shall.

15. I DON'T KNOW : Achieve something big? Or Fall in love? Or get into a fight? Or idk..

                                                                    ~ THAT'S ALL ~