MY SPORTS ESSAY!! - Written in 8th Standard!

I found this lying in my old files Folder. Remember this giving to my amazing friend :)
Made her Happy! :D ( i was kid when i wrote this, please excuse "blah blah etc) 

I am 100% sure ..when it comes to sports..and for a girl to write it..its obviously the last she'll pick. But for me ..i wanna finish with boring and move on to Interesting ones ;p

Obviously everyone's followed the ipl biding...and other blah blah..but how about the nation inside? ( ok i mean nationals). So recently  there was a Basket Ball national where Delhi came SECOND!!!!!! cool is that!?? Though i was unable to attend the event but my friend being in the Delhi team provided me with all the details.Nationals took place in hydrabad where the accommodation for team was the responsibility of a government school. It was a 4 day event,and matches took place absolutly not on time!! As anticipated there wasn't many following the event and hence hardly any audience,no cheering and absolutely no encouragement for the players.But that certainly did not stop the players from playing! Food being healthy and hygienic was not tastey (thats what she tells me)--Dal chawal was served daily and every time--whether lunch or dinner. Nationals is not one ordinary event where players play win or lose and go back home. It goes through a series of inter-school matches ..zonals, inter-zonals and practice..practice ..selection in national camp and then nationals(wooh).As Delhi played the nationals,obviously they had won all those.

Not been able to follow the event makes me less informative but still the journey shall be unleashed>> 
Once upon a time,there existed a huge school called “THE MOTHER'S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL” which participated in the senior girls basket ball zonals and later emerged as victorious!
Then the school was lucky enough to host the inter-zonals which,gave the MIS team an advantage. This advantage was grabbed and were lucky on the chance given> THE SENIOR GIRLS BASKET BALL INTER-ZONALS was won by the SOUTH DELHI TEAM (mostly comprised of girls of MIS and sanskriti). The coaches were impressed by the performance of the team and especially the captain (who happened to be my friend).She got selected for the national camp which was way horrifying than a nightmare! Practice Practice Practice>> More practice > practice and finally selection! Alas she got selected.With that achievement earned ..her team-mates started envying her. No word of congrats or good luck..but she lead her way with pride and full of dreams! She went on to play nationals.With total strangers,she found her friends...with total support of team...she happily holds the trophy!

You may have Sachin as your sportsperson or Dhoni or Saniya mirza  for that matter but the time you realise that they are not the only sportspersons..the day you realise that you n i are surrounded by talented people and all they ask is encouragement, that day would be when you realise your ideal is not one person but many! My sports ideal is Sachin for being a true sports person, The olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra for telling the world ..India isn't far behind! and my dear friend ..for doing what she loves and not giving it up (at times when she was heart broken)!