An epiphany

Well well well .. I made my way to the USA! I'm still digesting this fact 5 days (20-jan) later but the cold is making it absolutely tough on me. BROOKLYN! Sounds amazing. Is amazing. The very first thing I did to withdraw from the UK rain was watch a movie named Brooklyn. The story of my life. Only better explained. Things that I believe will happen or I would like it happened its all happening in that movie just different era. And believing I'm old school, its a perfect fit.

Anyhow, this post is not a review but an analogue on a epiphany I had. I believe, we, this world, is starting to lose its human touch. Technology has already starting to rule the world, which is absolutely, not a pleasant thing. But on contrary I say noway can we go back to Nokia 1122 era either. So there has to be a balance. We all have to enlace our human consciousness and never let it die but only this time with the help of technology.

Being new to the states with limited source of income, managing money somehow opens my creative stingy mind and that very surprislingy leads to innovative plans. Just to give an example, I see absolutely no point (emphasis) NO point in purchasing a sim card. why u may ask ? Point 1. It's a waste. 2. No one would call me here is USA they whtsapp. 3. I only require data. 4. I get a new number and no one has it. So no point. $50 saved. But I still need data... Or Do I?

Summing this all up, I have decided to survive without a data plan. And while doing so, I'm gonno keep writing this blog, updating with all the trick I learn along.. People who I met who help me. Observing their response and in the end summing all this nicely. Because I believe we and technology can still co exist!