Should I work for free?

Heres a thing. I call myself an absolute non money person. And the reason I'm poor. But happy! Money and happiness don't make the best cocktail. If I can survive with this much why the hell would I need more?

Simple answer : Because he/she can. 

Best answer : Because I deserve it.

Neat sum up:

Skill. brush up your skills. get the experience. Take up a job only because it'll make you better at something you really really want to do. And yes - damn right you'll find assholes along the way! Call it life and move the fuck on!

Here's an infograph I found, which could make the clouds go way and help you have a cleaner vision.

One more thing to remember. There are going to be times when you feel cheated or ripped off or just a plain stupid, because out there, especially in the Indian Industry (design) the glass is overflowing with petty thieves and immoral companies. Just do your best work, and find the quickest possible way to sideline. Do not burn those bridges (for india - please burn those bridges) you'll hear your calling when youre ready for it.

Magic will happen.